August 28, 2016
Joanna Braithwaite

Joanna Braithwaite is a finalist for the Sir John Sulman Prize 2016 with her work Social climbers.

Also, her work Cold Comfort is a finalist for the Mosman Art Prize 2016.


March 5, 2015
Raewyn Atkinson. Jury Prize, Gyeonggi International Ceramic Biennale, Seoul, South Korea

Raewyn is one of ten prizewinners in this major international competition. With 2629 entries from 74 countries originally, the judging team reduced the exhibition to one hundred and Raewyn’s work was one of the ten considered the most outstanding of those.

Below see her entry Deep Time #29


February 3, 2015
Thom and Barry at Te Uru

Review of Homeworld at Te Uru, written by John Hurrell for EyeContact, 2015

“In Te Uru’s pairing of these artists’ works there is a certain amount of interactive wit, because Barry’s highly tactile drawings have a lot of spatial depth and Thom likes to push the opposite, emphasising with striations the flat planar surfaces of her compact, blocklike sculpture”

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Brendan O’Brien

Brendan O’Brien is showing at the Sergeant Gallery in Whanganui, in The Archivists - 14 artists for whom drawing on archival material is an integral part of their practice. Brendan is one of the 14 who salvage ‘found’ imagery from printed sources and use them directly to create collaged works.

The Archivists is at the Sarjeant Gallery, 31 - 38 Taupo Quay, Whanganui, until 22 Feb 2015


Jeff Thomson on Waiheke


Louise Purvis

Estuarine 2015
Launch rd, Hobsonville point. Auckland

Galvanised steel, scoria, 58 m x 6 m x 30 cm

Louise Purvis is installing a huge sculpture on a retaining wall on the new Hobsonville Point Road. This is a mammoth job and Louise has developed her cage works to crawl up and along the new main road wall.

In association with Hobsonville Land Company, Boffa Miskill.
With thanks to Naomi McCleary


November 13, 2014
Joanna Brathwaite in latest Mindfood Style

Acclaimed artist Joanna Braithwaite invites MiNDFOOD Style into her workroom to chat about everyday inspiration, the whimsy of art, style in the studio and why she’s drawn to the animal kingdom.

Joanna explains … “Animals often take the lead in my paintings and often they are performing in a human way or saying something about their relationship with humans,'’ … “I think peoples relationships with animals are very interesting … It’s bizarre the way we can compartmentalise things so that we can be extremely close with some animals and eat others. I’m also drawn to the animal world for its abundance of variety, texture and colour.”

Excerpt from MiNDFOOD Style. Spring/Summer 2015


Anya Sinclair at Tauranga Art Gallery

New works from Dunedin artist Anya Sinclair feature in The Garden of Forking Paths, which opens on 15 November, and runs through the summer months at the Gallery. The exhibition features 18 of the artist’s works.

The exhibition title is derived from a 1941 short story by Argentinian writer and poet Jorge Luis Borges. Anya Sinclair’s works evoke both her upbringing in the rambling bush of Auckland’s Waiktakere Ranges, but also bring in the sensory experiences of her travels to Brazil. In the work Sinclair’s favoured lush and deep greens shine, in particular where nature has been somewhat tamed by civilisation then has reclaimed its territory.

The Gallery is thrilled to be supporting the New Zealand Garden & Art Festival 2014.


Neil Frazer with Bank of America - The Art of Connecting

The Art of Connecting Rotating Art Program is initiative showcasing the works of leading contemporary artists
who are destined to shape the future of Australian art.

The large-scale majestic landscapes of Neil Frazer are proudly featured in The Art of Connecting latest rotation until February 2015.


October 30, 2014
Euan Macleod discusses Painter and the Painting on Radio NZ

Listen here


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