Anya Sinclair born in 1978 in Auckland, grew up in the Waitakere Ranges and now lives and works in Port Chalmers, in a rambling, overgrown section by the sea. The bush has been something she has returned to, in her life and in her painting, for at least as long as she can remember.

The daughter of a painter and art history teacher, Anya had brushes in her hand from an early age, and has been continuously exploring the possibilities of colour, light, and form. Early influences include children’s literature by John Masefield, C S Lewis and George McDonald, the music of Kate Bush, the bright, flat colours of Henri Matisse and the dreamy scenes of Marc Chagall. More recently Anya has been interested in the work of writer Jorge Luis Borges and artist Peter Linde Busk.

As a young artist she lived and travelled in France, and Italy, without a camera. By documenting her observations in collages of found imagery, ink drawings and memory, she freed herself to encounter nature, rather than reproduce naturalism. This is a theme that her work has frequently explored, creating worlds that are at once familiar and exotic, universal but informed by experience.